For and against wind farms

The arguments for and against wind farms.

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The Beinn An Tuirc wind farm on the Kintyre peninsula in Scotland Photo: PA

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Critics argue wind farms are often located in areas of outstanding natural beauty Photo: GETTY

Arguments in favour of wind farms

The UK needs to meet a target to generate 15 per cent of energy from renewables by 2020 as part of global plans to fight climate change.

The technology produces no greenhouse gases once it has been installed.

Wind farms will decrease reliance on volatile energy supplies from abroad.

Manufacturing and installing wind farms in the UK will provide ‘green jobs’.

The technology is becoming cheaper as wind farms are built around the world.

Arguments against wind farms

The turbines usually have to be sited in isolated windy spots, that are also often areas of outstanding natural beauty.

The noise from wind turbines has been blamed for health problems including stress and insomnia.

Wind turbines only work at maximum capacity for a third of time, meaning they have to be backed up by other technologies such as coal and nuclear.

The inconsistent power generated by by wind farms requires the grid to be upgraded to cope with the surges in power.

Wind farms are expensive to build and only last up to 25 years.

The Telegraph

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