Nissan EVs will soon be able to redirect power to homes

Nissan Leaf - The All 100% Electric Vehicle

Yokohama — Nissan Motor Co. said Tuesday it has developed a system to supply electricity to ordinary households from batteries installed in its Leaf electric vehicle, so the car can serve as a power storage device in emergencies.

The automaker plans to commercialize the system by the end next March. But Nissan withheld announcing the price of the device, called the Power Control System, which can also be used to supply electricity to the vehicle.

Under the system, electricity stored in the car’s lithium-ion batteries can be supplied to a house by connecting the car to the home’s electricity distribution panel using a connector linked to the Leaf’s quick-charge port.

The lithium-ion batteries are capable of storing about 24 kwh, sufficient to power an average household for about two days, according to Nissan.

Nissan said the system can also contribute to saving energy because the batteries can store electricity via solar and other renewable energy sources.

“There are growing calls for launching the system especially after the (March 11) disaster,” Nissan Corporate Vice President Hideaki Watanabe said, noting the system creates value for the car even when the vehicle is not used for transportation.

“There is growing interest in how to use the energy (stored) in cars when they are parked,” he said.

Nissan said it still has some legal hurdles to overcome for households to make use of the device because such a system has never been utilized before.

Watanabe said the automaker intends to cooperate not only with power companies but also house builders and electronics companies to develop the necessary laws.

The Japan Times

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